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February 2021

With the current national lockdown, no work is currently taking place on the aircraft. It is hoped that we will be able to resume in the near future, so please watch space for any updates. Thank you

December 2020

Firestreak missile build © XS456 Team

With the general winter maintenance now in full swing, we have started on the major project for the winter. While we are not in a position to obtain the real item, we have started work on a replica Firestreak missile for XS456. We hope to have it completed and ready to install at the start of the display session, so watch this space.

As for XS456 herself, the normal winter program is in full swing, with constant water leaks being checked for, various lubricants being sprayed on where needed, plus the general wear and tear checks. To date, we are pleased to say she is bearing up well to the current weather with no major issues found.

With the ongoing health situation due to the Covid-19 virus, we are not receiving any visitors until further notice. Once the situation changes, we will inform everyone.

October 2020

New intake blank © XS456 team

With the summer cut short due to the Covid-19 Virus, we took the decision to have an extended winter maintenance period to catch-up on a few odd jobs.

The first of those jobs to be completed was a new air-intake blank. The one currently on was only intended to be temporary and was therefore made from sheet metal. The new one is made from plywood with graphics.

We do have one major winter project planned away from the aircraft itself, and there will be more news on this in a few months hopefully. So, watch this space or for more up-to-date news our Facebook page.

August 2020

Late Spring clean © XS456 Team

While work has started again on the aircraft, we are also playing catch-up at the same time. So, with this we have had to prioritise the workload and only concentrate on any major concerns.


First up was an overdue wash and wax, we hope to do this again just before the winter sets in again. Next up, we have started work on the internal corrosion and made alterations so this can continue during the winter months. Last but not least, we have been working on the ejection seats, with one seat now being 80-85% complete. We are hoping to have this seat at least 95% complete by the end of the year.

June 2020

Work starts © XS456 Team

We can now confirm that work has started once again on the aircraft, in accordance with the current government guidelines. While several goals planned for this year will now not be achievable, we still hope to achieve one major one. More news on this in the coming weeks.


A brief inspection of the aircraft has also taken place, to assess any damage/leaks that might have occurred during the winter months. We are pleased to report she has come through with flying colours once again.

March 2020

Due to the current health crisis, both Skegness Water Leisure Park and Skegness Airfield are currently closed to the public. This in turn means that work has unfortunately also fully stopped on '456. As soon as there is any change we will let you know.

February 2020

Ejection seats © XS456 Team

While there has only been general maintenance taking place on the aircraft itself, there has been major change behind the scenes . . . With big thanks to both Skegness Airfield and Skegness Water Leisure Park, we now have a dedicated storage and repair facility on-site, which will massively help with the restoration and help on several other fronts.


After the recent storms Ciara and Dennis, we are pleased to report '456 has come through with only very minor damage. Which considering both how open the airfield is and the wind strength, is quite remarkable. This damage will be repaired when the summer arrives.  In the meantime, work is about to commence on restoring the 2 ejection seats ready for installing at a later date.

October 2019

Winter coat © XS456 Team

Another static season has drawn to a close, and the winter cover has now been placed back on '456. We've managed to achieve more than we hoped this year, with several jobs and issues addressed.


Most noticeable this year was the completion of the cockpit facia. '456 now has a complete and correct fascia for the first time since leaving RAF Binbrook in 1988. All that is now left to do now in the cockpit is fit both ejection seats, which will be done at a later date due to other things we want to look at.


Work will continue on '456 during the winter months but it will be behind the scenes, so please check back for updates. Or you can view our Facebook page for more regular updates.

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