Brief history of XS456

The service life of XS456 began in December 1965 and spanned a total of nearly 23 years, before finally being sold-off in July 1988. During her active service life, she travelled the world, including countries like Malta, Cyprus, and Germany. She was to also suffer her fair share of varying incidents during this time. But thankfully nothing to serious occurred and she was to complete her active duty in one complete piece.

With being a training aircraft many a fast jet pilot has flown her. The most notable names to date include Michael Graydon, Ian Black, Dennis Brooks, Clive Rowley, and Pete Boothroyd. But we are always trying to trace former pilots. So, if you can help with this please get in touch.

© Unknown

26th October 1965

First flight (T.M.S Ferguson)

© Godfrey Attard

21st December 1965

Assigned to No.56 Sqn; coded 'A'. RAF Wattisham

© Unknown

January 1969

Re-coded 'X'

© Terry Senior

17th February 1974

Assigned to No.11 Sqn; coded 'Z'. RAF Binbrook

© Terry Senior

21st February 1977

Assigned to LTF (Lightning Training Flight); re-coded 'T'. RAF Binbrook

© Unknown

November 1980

Re-coded 'DT'

© Ian Waudby

7th April 1986

Re-coded 'DX'

© Mark Rees

18th June 1987

Final flight

© Terry Senior

27th April 1988

Struck off charge and put up for tender

© Craig Wise

13-20th July 1988

Sold to T.A. Smith & Co. Moved to TASCO/ Elms Golf Centre, Wainfleet

© Gaz West

June - July 2010

Sold to Skegness Airfield and moved to the airfield

© Craig Wise

July 2015

Restoration work starts on the aircraft

*NOTE: We are always on the lookout for more information on XS456. This can be in the form of documents, images, and stories. If you can help with these things, then please feel free to get in touch with us. Thank you!

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