2022 Updates

Below you will find a summary of all major work carried out throughout the year. For more up-to-date information please follow us on one of our social media platforms.

June 2022

With the onset of the weather, we have finally managed to complete one of the major goals we set for this year, and that was the completion of the replica missile. While it is only a replica it more than gives the same appearance as a real one and shows what the aircraft looked like in service.

We have a few more things we would like to achieve before the summer months are over, but more on this as time goes on. In the meantime, the general maintenance and anti-corrosion work will continue to further aid her restoration.

March 2022

With the team taking a welcome breather over the winter period there's not too much to report. The general maintenance of '456 has continued throughout along with a thorough inspection after back-to-back storms in February. The results of which we are pleased to say are good and no damage appears to have been caused.

Looking forward to this year, we have several significant things planned. More detail of these will appear both here and on our social media platforms as we have more information for you. We are also planning on making a start on the internal corrosion, starting from nose to tail.